Tell it wisely. Live it well.


There are three ways to know creation.


One is VISION.
Vision gives.
“He who gazes down upon the world.”
In giving, the form adapts, and changes
according to the image kindling it.

Listening receives.
“She who hears the sounds of the world.”
In receiving, the form shifts, and changes
according to the vessel sustaining it.


When these two come together,
a third way is born.
This is the way of the Inner Teacher –

It is the reason we make THE JOURNEY of a Lifetime.



“The Journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.”  –  Lao Tzu

Sacred Words

100 Verses Bring Love & Compassion

Living Meditatively


The word reflects an image, created in your mind either in the past or the future. 
The word is a focal point for present time reflection and contemplation.
Each word contains the consciousness of the atom.
Each word is a symbol of the consciousness in a seed thought.





Invite Kuan Yin’s blessing during the passages in your life.

Celebrating your 16th birthday?  Or 25th?  40th?   77th?  Read the verse that resonates with your age, inviting a blessing every day.

Celebrate a marriage, ask your guests to draw a Kuan Yin verse, noting them.  You may be surprised to see how the same numbers often appear.

When a loved one comes to the close of their life, invite Kuan Yin to aid them in “crossing over to the other shore.”


The Change

You want to know your ease of flow in navigating life’s waters with grace.  The secret to how this happens is the BARDO DIET.

The BARDO DIET resurrects the original Spirit that is a way of living arising from the Source of Life itself.  This inner dynamo is the true catalyst for change whether we are speaking of walnuts into brain food, oxygen into carbon dioxide, or distress into comfort.  When Bardo is placed with Diet, the mind is freed of its preoccupation with the cravings of the body.  You know those cravings.  They can come in the form of ice cream, alcohol, even video games!  They can overtake the mind like a song that gets stuck in a feedback loop in your brain and will not stop!

Freeing your mind from senseless preoccupations and returning to the divine Source from which all Life flows is why the BARDO DIET meets the challenge we all face in these changing times.  When your mind is free, your body is free.