Sacred Words

The word reflects an image, created in your mind either in the past or the future. 
The word is a focal point for present time reflection and contemplation.
Each word contains the consciousness of the atom.
Each word is a symbol of the consciousness in a seed thought.
One of our world’s Holy Scriptures describes seed thought this way:
“In the beginning was the word.
The word was in God’s presence, and the word was God.” 
    Scroll through these single word thought-forms, choosing one and read its

Kuan Yin Verse.

May its wisdom invite blessings into your life this day.
More about the Verses


She is listening.  He is watching.
For 2000 years, Avalokitesvara has observed the sounds of world.
For 1500 years, Kuan Yin, his feminine counterpart, has heard the prayers of those desiring comfort, love, and mercy.
Now as we move from youthful dependency into a maturing sense of creating our lives, Kuan Yin and Avalokitesvara unite to guide us to a higher state of consciousness.
In the day time, Avalokitesvara receives your energy and transforms it into an allegory all your own.
In the night, Kuan Yin listens and responds to your night time dreams as oracles for your life.
The verses you read here are interpreted in the oldest language known to man, the language of our dreams.  They open the mind.  Stir the heart.  Inviting communion with your divine nature as you walk on the Earth.


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