When we first view the Self,

a host of emotions rise to the surface from within. 

Emotions are the first waters we cross over in our journey inward. 

We travel to work along a route we have taken hundreds of times. 
Today, we see the merchant, or we hear the music in the subway, or we smell the bakery items. 
A need, until this moment completely unconscious, is stimulated.
A wanting what we think we do not have is awakened through the senses. 

Change is now eminent! Grasping arises from the polarities of the desire to fill a need.


Grasping becomes a way we view life. 

This is why “letting go” is now part of the collective consciousness. 


Avalokitesvara begins this process of letting go.  Through him, we can admit our points of view. 

Claim it – grasp it! – as your own.  Then let it flow through you.  Emptiness is the attitude that neutralizes  grasping.  It removes the positive charge by acknowledging the power of giving.  Avalokitesvara is the spiritual offering of compassion toward others.

As Avalokitesvara observes the sounds of the world, his compassion grows.  He watches your daydreaming.  He listens to your heart’s desire.  He perceives your Real Self.



The Avalokitesvara Verses are odd numbered (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and so on to 99). 
They carry the initiating power of the individual, the One who is making the journey.  When one of these verses makes itself known to you, you have access to Mind’s concentrative power.  As you read His verses, Avalokitesvara speaks through you. 
His voice merges with your own. 
He receives your heart’s desire,
capturing your essence as if the words were penned only
for you, about you.