the Bodhisattva of Compassion

Being in male form, he represents the initiating factor of focus, concentration.  Compassion arises flawlessly in an entrained Mind observing What Is.  Such a one grasps Confucius’ teaching to “do no harm to others that you would not wish to befall yourself.”

This state of mind is one of neutrality, the state of “neither”.

Neutrality says,

I receive what is before me.
I know that conditions are neutral, neither good nor bad; only my thinking makes it so.
Therefore, I suspend my judgement in this moment, receiving completely What Is.

Avalokitesvara is this Zero Point state of mind where you have no thought of your own conscious making.  No preference.  No bias.  No prejudice.  His verses encourage us to own our opinions by realizing we have them!  This state frees you from domination by the brain and its Tomb World, enabling you to “observe the sounds of the world.”  Free of impartiality, you can see the field of your experience.

When we first view the Self, a host of emotions rise to the surface from within.  These are the first waters we cross over in our journey inward.  Read more.