Sage Mind Contemplation

The teachings from the East

teem with concepts
that travel the energetic threads
connecting the heavens, the earth, and humankind. 

They provide the mindful stimulus
for the Western spirit which champions individual freedom
to create. 

They offer the insight and clarity that assure
favorable outcomes to our creative endeavors.

Uniting Eastern tradition with Western initiative,
makes the Sage-mind possible. 

Where the common sense is this sage-sense,
values are reassessed
from what is temporarily pleasing and attractive,

to what is also permanent and enduring.

This shifting
releases the mind’s attention from its preoccupation with the senses. 
Such a limited-mind thinks….


“How do others see me?”

“What do I sound like?” 

“How do I feel today?” 

The limited-mind is ruled by the physical body
and its sensory read of the external world. 
Thoughts arise from the stimuli the outer world provides. 
This is the Tomb World in the sutras,
a world of habitual thought, repeatedly producing the same effect. 
The thinker never knows the how or why
of his or her life until that life has ended. 

Fate, destiny, a distant Creator
determine the quality of such a one’s existence. 

This is why most people fear death.  They do not understand it.

The Liberated Mind

The liberated-mind,
the mind of the thinker that has “crossed over”
produces the Sage. 

The Sage is mind-full. 

Undivided attention, the sense of the mind, receives
from the inner worlds as well as the outer.

The Sage Mind thinks….



“What does this dream I had upon awakening mean?” 

“What is the pattern in my thinking that is being revealed in this situation?”

“How might I be a healing, comforting presence for others?” 


Thoughts arise from the stimuli the inner world provides.
This is the Pure Land,
a world of responsive thought dedicated to serving the common good.

The thinker is awake and aware of purpose in the life
through his or her relationships with others.

Life becomes a continuum,

from one person to the next,

one generation to next,

one lifetime to the next.


Independent of the mind and the body
is the I Am consciousness,
the Inner Teacher.
Its spark of life is the spirit.

When harmony exists
between mind and body,
between heaven and earth,
spirit is made Holy.

In this light, the Tao – the way we think, how we think – is True Reality.


Manifesting the Tao has been the mission of the bodhisattva from the beginning. 
He then she, now they, are the connectors between the worlds. 
Each time we call upon them, we fill our minds with what they are. 
Our minds are transformed by their wisdom,
so we may see the world within and the world without. 
This is the Spirit that brought The Taraka Yoga of Kuan Yin into being.


There was something formless and complete
that was before Heaven and Earth
vast and still, unchanging and standing alone
it stands on its own and is everywhere

it may be considered as the Mother of Heaven and Earth
not yet knowing its name

I call it the Tao

forced to name it further
I would call it, the Great
The Great that flows ever forward
an ever flowing that functions everywhere and is far reaching
I would further describe this far reaching
as returning to the place of origin

The Tao is great
Heaven is great
Earth is great
the highest aspect of Man is also great

In the universe there are four greats
and Man the thinker is one among them

Man patterns himself on the Earth
the Earth patterns itself on Heaven
Heaven patterns itself on the Tao

The Tao patterns itself on its own nature.

– Tao Te Ching Stanza 25