Kuan Yin Haiku

100 Kuan Yin Haiku audio recordingKuan Yin Haiku 52

Who.  What.  When.  Where.  Why.
Manifestation follows.
Wisdom flows through Mind.

What is it like to see through the eyes of a goddess?  What "sounds" capture Kuan Yin's attention?  How does Kuan Yin experience the "world"?  The Kuan Yin haiku afford you the opportunity to answer these questions through inner communion with the goddess.  As you sit in stillness, it is her voice you will hear, her eyes you will see, and her world you will come to know.

Kuan Yin Haiku 92
Wealth comes from what was. / Generosity, what is. / Kinship, what will be.

There are three ways to focus upon Kuan Yin – in concentration, in meditation, and in visualization.  When all three become one, the individual enters into true Oneness, arriving in the creative space of full illumination.  This is the Spirit that enthuses the Quan Yin Haikus.  So settle into a quiet place.  Relish each breath, deeply inhaling and exhaling.  Allow each in-breath to bring you into the present moment, each out-breath to release clutter in your mind and heaviness in your heart.  Allow your natural state of freshness, ease, and acceptance to pervade the space in your mind.  Now you are ready to receive Kuan Yin's wisdom in clear light.

Kuan Yin Haiku 40
Stillness is a place / where doubt is known as wonder. / Wait to ask questions.

In 2012, Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron interpreted the 100 verses of Kuan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion and mercy for a book on divination.   She drew upon multiple resources and translations for her work in the Universal Language of Mind.  These 100 haiku distill the essence of each verse into 17 syllables, offering a concise and sharp depiction of the original verse's message.   They provide a means to attend the voice of "One who Hears the Cries of the World". 

Kuan Yin Haiku 6
Breathe deep.  Enlighten. / Harmony doesn't break you. / Stress becomes passion.


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