Kuan Yin Inspires a Dream

After reading Verse 76 and writing to you, I prayed about finding a Kuan Yin statue locally.  
    Suddenly, as I was preparing to go out and pick up a baby shower gift, the name of a Chinese Import shop that I used to visit popped into my mind.  I decided to stop there on my way to the baby store.  When I arrived it was no longer there.  I knew the couple was older and at first gave up.  Then I googled the store on my phone.  Sure enough, they had moved and were only 5 blocks from the baby store!  
    The owner, Mr. Chou, came out to personally help me in my quest.  I had already decided that I would know Her when I saw Her.  I had to work hard to hide my tears from Mr. Chou.  He must have sensed the importance to me because he began to show me other artifacts from a locked case.  Inside were three singing bowls which he demonstrated for me and gave a beautiful explanation of the differences in tone and the 3 vs 4 metals from which they were made.  
    I brought my statue home and placed it in a prominent place near my altar in my bedroom.  My bedroom is my sanctuary within a sanctuary.  It is a very large room.  I placed her next to a very soft light and went to sleep.
      That night, I was aware of a different quality of peace in my room.  I had a very lengthy lucid dream.  

I was on the property of the house that I was born in and lived until I was 16.  The house was a large, two-story rooming house with a full basement.  Many of the most significant sorrows of my life took place there.  The house was different but not so different that I did not know where I was.  I was in the space that would have been the kitchen table area off the back porch.  I was seated at a table, meeting with male workmen giving them instructions for work to be done on the yard surrounding the house, especially the back.  
    We had a very large back yard.  In the dream, the yard stretched into infinity.  There were bulldozers breaking up the ground and leveling it all around the house, except we never went to the front of the house.  My focus during the dream was entirely on the lifting and repositioning of the soil.  When it was finished, there was white grass that actually looked like silver hair on one's head.  Every strand of grass could be seen individually for miles and miles.  The expanse was beautiful.  
    All of the men went back into the house to eat.  I would not go as I was busy going around the side of the house that was formerly the driveway picking up small balls of brown mud and putting them into a bag to discard.  I could not stop until all of these were removed.  There were not many and they could be easily seen against the silvery backdrop.  
    As I got to the end of the drive, a large black shiny vehicle with silver trim arrived.  An imposing figure of a man got out of the car and greeted me, walking towards me.  I knew him and was glad to see him.  He was the one who had instructed me on what to do with the yard and I wanted him to look and tell me that he was pleased with the work.  He was pleased but asked me why I had not gone inside to eat with the others.  I told him that I had to pick up the mud balls and make sure everything was perfect.  He was silent but I felt a quiet resignation in him as if he had dealt with me before on a similar issue.  It was not a feeling of disapproval, just more like kindly patience.  
    Rather than say anything, he guided me to the back of the house and into the house to eat.  I felt just a little bit chastised.  In that moment, I remembered that eating was the only way to consume whatever I was learning in this experience and then became eager to do as I was instructed…to eat.  The dream ended here. EOD

Upon awakening, of course I went to the Dreamer's Dictionary to look up Earth.  I was astonished at the depth of the meanings in the dream and still need time and help to work with this dream and its relationship to verse 76!  



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