Lucy’s Dream Explained

An Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©

by Dr. Barbara Condron, author of The Dreamer's Dictionary

The dreamer is reflecting upon how she thought in the early years of her life as symbolized by her childhood home in the dream.  At first she is struck by what she did not understand and the accompanying emotion; the sorrows.  How she thinks about these now is different from what she experienced at the time and she knows it.  This is food for thought, and she is serious in her reflecting, intending to make something out of this.
    What she wants is understanding.  She is investing herself in seed ideas that are pure, and are universal in nature symbolized by the white grass in the yard that reaches to infinity.  "What did I experience in my early years, which at the time caused me pain, that I can now see in a greater light, as part of a bigger picture?"  This is the feel of the opening of this dream.  
    She is answering this question with the intention of furthering her capacity to understand represented by her continuing to work as the men go in to eat.  She stays with it, becoming quite specific in her willingness to focus and concentrate willfully until she is satisfied.  This causes her awareness to shift as symbolized by the arrival of the male teacher.  Now she becomes aware of how the mental work she is about either is or is not in alignment with her own divinity, the plan for her mastery of Self housed in Superconscious Mind.  Her Superconscious Mind gives her the answer to her prayer by guiding her to consciously receive the knowledge available to her.   
    It seems at that moment the dreamer becomes lucid in the dream for she is beginning to interpret the dream's message which changes her attitude from feeling chastised to an eagerness to respond.

Let me know what you think about this, Lucy.  And any other thoughts you have had about your dream that might be helpful to me in using this at the conference in a week.
    Perhaps responding to these questions will get you started:

Why do you think the tears welled-up when you found the statue at the store?

What from your childhood does Kuan Yin stimulate? 

Can you think of an example of something you are striving to reconfigure in your thinking from when you were a child?  Something that caused you sorrow at the time and since has lead to greater understanding or wisdom in you?  Something you can now be grateful for?

What do you think the mudballs are?  I see them as thought forms.  Specific ways of thinking that you are isolating and eliminating, cleaning from your path.  Do you see it?  Can you give an example?