Kuan Yin Haiku

In the Chinese language, KUAN means ‘contemplation’.

Kuan Yin Haiku 52

Who.  What.  When.  Where.  Why.
Manifestation follows.
Wisdom flows through Mind.

What is it like to see through the eyes of a goddess?  What “sounds” capture Kuan Yin’s attention? How does Kuan Yin experience the “world”?  Kuan Yin Haiku afford you the opportunity to answer these questions through inner communion with the Goddess.

As you sit in stillness, it is Her voice you will hear,
Her eyes you will see,
Her world you will come to understand.


From the single word-essence of each Kuan Yin Verse, seventeen syllables rise like a spring from deep within the earth.  A haiku form is born!  All 100 are available in this downloadable audio version, voiced by Gael.

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