What is it like to see through the eyes of a goddess? What sounds capture Kuan Yin’s ear? How does one such as She experience the world?

The Kuan Yin Verses afford you the opportunity to answer these questions through inner communion with both the positive and negative expressions of the Bodhisattva. As you sit in stillness, it is her voice you will hear, his vision you will see, and their world you will come to know.

After I translated Kuan Yin’s Verses in the language of mind, I researched texts for deeper understanding of her-story. The more I learned about her, the more I was astounded by the numerous times our paths had crossed – in books, in magazines, even in Chinese restaurants.

Kuan Yin was there all along in my life. She is always present. I just had to make the correct choices to encourage her to surface in my own consciousness. This was my awakening.

This concept – that what Kuan Yin signifies to and for humanity is omnipresent – is what guides the movement of the Taraka Yoga presented here. Your capacity to receive opens a door to reflection.

Divination has a long history. The word is from the Latin divinare meaning “to foresee, to be inspired by a god.” The diviners in a culture hold the mirror for people to see what has been and what can be. They function as the connectors to the True Reality of existence – the present.

Welcome to the world of Kuan Yin.  It is a world of wisdom, mercy, and infinite compassion.  Ask her guidance today.


Reflection bears deeper understanding.


Deeper understanding brings foresight.


Foresight is the dominion of one who creates with thought.


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