We gathered 20 yards west of the Peace Dome to plant the octahedron, an 8-sided form, two 4-sided pyramids sharing the same base, made from copper tubing.  The tubing provides the outline of space, enabling energy to collect.  Once put into place, the form is about four feet tall.  

The octahedron is one of 8 forms on campus that COM Director Daniel Condron has intentionally planted over the past 10 years.  The space each occupies has been chosen using dowsing methods. Today is both grounding and transcendent. 

I stand with the group listening to Daniel speak about the development of the forms on campus.  The night before I stood in this space and spoke to them about Kuan Yin, who she is and what she means. 

I have given it to Spirit to determine how the verses will come forward this weekend.  The part I have seen is the form initiated at the Superconscious Meditation Spiritual Focus weekend two weeks ago. 

At some point, each person will perceive a number between 1 and 100.  The average will be discerned and that will be the verse blessing the Music of the Spheres.  One in the many. 

Standing here, listening to Daniel he describes what is about to occur: setting the form to true north, shoveling the dirt to hold the form in place, then an opportunity to come forward and touch the form.  I hear it.  That touch is the moment when the number will arise in their thinking.  The number that will be the blessing.

At the appropriate time, Daniel asks me to come forward to explain what will happen.  I come to the form and turn toward the crowd gathered on the grassy incline.  The Peace Dome rises beyond them.  It is a perfect picture. 

As students, they have learned and practice an exercise called the Five Step-Five Day Reversal.  It is a mental sequence that clears the conscious mind, allowing the mind to calibrate as a whole unit, and the Real Self can come forward.  It has taken me years of practice to receive the profundity of what I can describe here in a few words. 

Understanding and the acquiring of wisdom amazes me, over and over, again.  What amazes me the most is that it is accessible.  Anyone willing can learn.  Anyone with a mind and the Spirit to apply that mind can.  It is one of the divining principles I have always loved about this structure called the School of Metaphysics. 

The only prerequisite is a willingness to change.

Those assembled will practice the 5-Step 5 Day exercise as they approach the form.  Their minds cleared, at some point in the time they are reaching to touch the form a number between 1 and 100 will come into their mind.  This will happen because they are setting the expectation for it as a seed idea in this moment.  They need not be consciously concerned with it any more.  All we need do now is the work, the experience.  

I explain they will then go to Renee, who is keeping our book of the living in this endeavor, and tell her the number.  These numbers will be added together and the average taken.  That number will be the Kuan Yin Verse that seals this space, this tetrahedron, this moment.  The Verse – because of the ideal and purpose for which we are gathered this weekend – will bless the Music of the Spheres.   It will be our focal point as a whole. It will be made up of all the numbers, all of us, the many in the One.

Sunday morning I announce the average.  I follow Dr. Christine Madar announcing the need for leaders to be at COM by Thursday dinner and others to be in by noon on Friday before Spheres.  Those who have experience immediately understand why.  Those who are new, and many are, begin weighing hometown responsibilities with being away for longer than they had planned.  This imbalance stimulates emotion and thinking, and I see the energy of the chosen Kuan Yin Verse working even now in the thinking.

I decide to share my thought-journey with the crowd.  When Renee told me the average number, we looked it up immediately. 

My first reaction was surprise, then a moment of dismay as I saw the many thought trails leading from the word.  There aren't too many distilled words in the Kuan Yin Verses that carry such a potentially dim picture as "trouble".  It reminds me of the Chinese character for crises:  two pictographs, one meaning challenge, the other opportunity.  When the picture is identified and understood, words can take on new and enlightened meaning.  I share this with the group before announcing the verse.

#36 Trouble. 

The words move across the crowd of 100 people, and within seconds a wave of laughter releases the tension.  Just about everyone is laughing.  Jeff Everett does a great imitation of Robert Preston's "You Got Trouble" from The Music Man.  The Spirit of love is so strong we can laugh in the face of trouble.  Then the crowd calms and I offer deeper insight and interpretation.
This verse speaks to the learning possible in the face of differences.  

Agreements (Line 1) are common ideals.  When ideals are separate or dispersed, tolerance is required of us.   

This is an opportunity for patience (Line 2), to "feel" the position of others (Line 3) so we can receive guidance from the soul's storehouse of understanding.  

Then we grow in wisdom (Line 4).  

This verse addresses our attachment to being comfortable, wanting things to stay the same, fear of the unknown, and the enmity it can spark.  Pain, when acknowledged and not hidden, tells us the optimal place for our attention. 

Responding to the pain brings more than relief, it brings acceptance, opening the doorway to Mind. 

In The Taraka Yoga of Kuan Yin, each verse has a partner, the yang and the yin that make up the whole.  Number 36 is even.  It brings Kuan Yin energy to every experience, the feminine receiving for the purpose of understanding, increasing the soul.  Its odd partner is #35 Love.  Odd numbers disseminate the aggressive energy of Avalokitesvara.  This is the field of experience revealing what has been brought into being through causal thoughts.  tolerance.

    When we perceive the whole picture, these two verses are perfectly suited for the closing days of the Venus Transit pairing from June 2004 to June 2012.  It has been an amazing journey of Light and Love.•