For fifteen years, groups of people have gathered at appointed times to devote their minds, hearts, and bodies to a spiritual focus during Spiritual Focus Weekends at the College of Metaphysics in the U.S.  Some are acting on behalf of Spirit for the first time in their lives.  Some are renewing commitments, while others ascend to new levels of wakeful service.  
    The first weekend in May, 2012, a group of 16 gathered to make Superconscious Meditation their focus.  Apart from the benefits of studying meditation with Dr. Daniel Condron and mentor Karen Mosby, D.D., the beauty of the timing of this session had everything to do with a transcendent event that occurs annually called the Wesak Festival.  Much like Christians celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus, hundreds of thousands celebrate Buddha’s birth by traveling to the Himalayans in India when the moon is full in the sign of Taurus.  Saturday of this session was this year’s Wesak time.
    There is an energetic linking during Wesak that has been building, and now feeds, the Cosmic Grid around our planet.  No, this grid is not the internet and cell phone electrics, although certainly those are worthy of consideration in our rapid co-creation birth time.  The Cosmic or Christ Grid is the Light and Love students at the School of Metaphysics focus upon during projections, circles of love, and healings.  This grid is sustained by those who are – as Gautama the Buddha taught – awakened!  
…The unspoken theme of this year’s gathering is holographic consciousness.  The book I am completing now THE TARAKA YOGA OF KUAN YIN will serve many in this realization for it teaches how to align with the Inner Teacher, the Holy Spirit, to divine meanings in life.  
    Spiritual Focus Sessions culminate Sunday mornings in the Peace Dome where participants create what is called a “Living Hologram”.  The Living Hologram offers participants progressive opportunities for giving and receiving undivided attention, the mental concern born from compassion and love.  The profundity of these two holograms coming together in this way was obvious to me and I searched for a way Kuan Yin’s presence might become known to all present.  Before we began the 9-step sequence of the forms, I asked each one present to use their minds in the manner they had practiced throughout the weekend.  Then to note the answer to this statement:  “A number between 1 and 100.”  Each one rested on a number, no two alike by the way, and we tallied them, finding the average.  The number  before we began the exercise was 47 (see image).
    THE TARAKA YOGA OF KUAN YIN contains 100 verses, collected in China between the 6th and 12th centuries and now interpreted in the Universal Language of Mind.  Each verse offers guidance for Self as creator.  47 Landing speaks to the beauty of meditation, of surrendering to Divine Will and of rapture.  It ends with a thought we can all take to heart:  “Being, is the teacher; presence, the lesson.”
    The Living Hologram enables consciousness to connect – potentially in all levels of mind.  When it does, the Holy Spirit is present.  This exercise, performed in the room where the Peace Mandala is being created one tile at a time, is transcendent.  People see auras for the first time, miraculous healings occur, suffering is replaced by tolerance, blame by forgiveness, past existences are recognized and future ones set into motion.

    At the end of this sequence, the last direction I gave was to call to mind a number between 1-100.  Amazingly, the number was 49 REAL TIME, just two away from the original number.  Its amazing message is timelessness, and how to resist clinging to the temporal lure of “now”.
    It was the first time Kuan Yin’s Verses were used in this manner.  Insight into learning and practicing meditation seemed to solidify as those present reflected on the light Kuan Yin offered.  The present moment took on new meaning for us all, in her loving thoughts.
    That morning I could envision how THE TARAKA YOGA OF KUAN YIN will provide groups of people – as well as individuals – a means to come together as one mind and heart in the endeavor of their choosing.  I recommend this model as a way of inviting Kuan Yin’s blessing whenever two or more are gathered. •