The Kuan Yin Experience


Sound is the sense path related to empathy.  The ancient science of the Vedic chakra system links empathy to Anahata, the heart chakra.  Anahata means unhurt or unstruck.  In the Vedas, the concept of unstruck sound is the sound of the celestial realm, sounds like those captured by Faye’s gongs.  Here, in the heart, is humanity’s potential to transcend.  The Anahata chakra transforms the energies human beings recognize as love.  When we feel grateful, forgiving, and tolerant, this center is active.  When we are inspired toward altruism, devotion, and philanthropy, we feel in our heart that we are doing the right thing.  The heart chakra also moves the energies that enable us to accept the things that happen in a divine way.
Sometimes we can change the events in our lives, and sometimes we cannot.  What we can determine is how we think about them.  We can broaden our perspective.  This is the function of Kuan Yin.  In her infinite intelligence, she listens to the heart, providing another point of view.


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