A Still Birth


June 9, 2012

Dear, dear Lucy,
    My heart is overflowing with great bittersweet joy!  The best kind, full and rich, and complete.  The workings of order in our Universe are so strong in us.  It is the stillness that allows it to surface in what we call life.  The image of a still forest pool that stretches into the horizon is one that I can conjure in the time it takes to think it.  What emerges from the depths of that being, our Being, is fruitful beyond our imagination while within the grasp of our intuitive conception.  Thank you for telling me your story.
    So much has moved within me in the past nine months.  I have a whole trail of journal notes, dreams, and new revelations that have come to light for me just in the 21 days between when I sent Kuan Yin to the printer and when she returned to me, fully manifested as the book.  It reflects two things:  a complete revelation concerning what is called in several cultures "the bardo", the intermediary state between death and rebirth, and secondly, an accompanying shift in my elucidation of stillbirth.  It is an amazing story in itself and I am compelled to put it together even though I could be writing a book on dreams called
Dream Alchemy before the Intl. Assn. for the Study of Dreams (IASD) conference the last week of this month.  Oh, the choices. 

Spirit is the Difference

I am so happy to be writing, and to know the difference in writing with Spirit as the guide.  That is the difference in my writing now, Lucy.  My surrendering to the Holy Spirit and following Its lead.  It has required all the choices, all the thoughts manifested, much as you describe in your journey, to come to this place.  It is at once so familiar, ancient, and so foreign and new.   I know you understand.
    Please feel free to move the books as Spirit leads you.  There are no expectations in my mind for what that means.  I just know that as Spirit guides this expression of Kuan Yin, all else will follow in Divine Order.  As the Spirit flows through you, I know it is your nature to share it with others.  "Where all appreciates…."  The key word is PASSION!  How completely in alignment with your true nature, Lucy!  I love this book.  I am in awe that it came through me into the world. 
    Thank you for being a Light in my life.   I have your note tacked up on the refrigerator.  Remember?  You wrote: 
"The One who gave you the book has taken care of how and where it goes out beyond you."  These words are guiding my conscious mind these days when a lesser god could take command of my mind.  I am dedicated to the Lord, as it has been since I was three months old.  How fulfilling it is to know one is used as a Voice for universal I Am Consciousness; how satisfying to surrender completely to the Divine that Is.  I feel certain you have experienced this in your own life and know what I mean here.

Making Kuan Yin Accessible to All

It strikes me that our conversation could, should go online.  How do you feel about that?  I think what we are saying to one another is important for others to hear so they might also open to the experience of Kuan Yin.  If you at first reading thought "one would have to be ready for Kuan Yin", then what will others with less experience with Spirit than you think?!  It is my fondest desire that the book be accessible to all people, so anyway that we can encourage, support and empower people with Her is in alignment with the work.  Will you think about this and let me know?
    We are just building the website now, although it is online at kuanyinonline.com.  Perhaps we can link your website with this one as we write. 
    Thank you, Lucy, for being you. 
    Barbara Gael