There are 100 Kuan Yin Verses,

each with a unique focus and content.

In a moment, we will gently pull our hands away from each other

as you count from 1 up to 100.

At some point, the hands may come apart

and when they do,

that is the number you will want to remember. 

It identifies the verse that will bless all your undertakings with Kuan Yin.


Twelve …… 36 ……. 97 …….. 58 …… there is no discernible pattern to the numbers that are chosen by the four dozen people receiving books this first day. 

After the number is chosen, we read the verse.

Sometimes the person immediately speaks of how it describes their life or something they are going through. 

One speaks of making life changing decisions.  Her verse is #49 Real Time.  It counsels on how clinging to the now can become frozen consciousness.

A lawyer speaks of wanting to better peoples’ lives
and receives #77 Master which counsels to “look within to elevate your expectation.”

A seven-year-old girl is given a holographic image for choosing
the “world you want to live in” with #97 Liquidity.

People are moved to tears.  One woman’s kundalini rises,
while a man shivers with delight at what he reads.

Sometimes the verses are not immediately understood,
as with 14-year-old Leah, who wants to be a doctor. 
We talk about her verse and I assist in interpreting its content.


After we are complete, and the person satisfied, I give a commission to the person. 

“I am going to ask you to do something.” 

Almost everyone agrees, even before hearing the request. 

“In the future, as you gift this book or share it with others, I ask that you do with them, as I have done with you.” 

Every person agrees.  In this way, the Spirit of Kuan Yin will begin to move across the face of the earth.

Thank you for the gift. 
Thank you for the giver. 
Thank you for the receiver.

“Before you begin using this book...

…we are going to ask Kuan Yin for her blessing. 
We will do this in a variation of the protocol
for divination taught in the book. 
This is a method known to scientists as kinesiology
and to dowsers as deviceless dowsing. 

I encourage each person
to touch the pad of the right index finger
to the pad of the thumb.

This creates a circle known in hatha yoga as a jnana mudra. 
This is a position of wisdom. 

I reach my finger and thumb into their circle,
touching my right index finger to the pad of my thumb. 
Our hands are now linked. 
This connection enables the Spirit
which moved through me to write the book
to move from me to you. 

This is a book for divination, for listening to the voice of Spirit. 
This book came through me, not from me. 
I have written many books,
on topics ranging from dream interpretation to depression to charisma,
and The Taraka Yoga of Kuan Yin is the first book that came through me. 
Its author is the Holy Spirit that moves through the consciousness of a still mind.”