Rising above the Clamor

Lucy's June 9, 2012 Response to Barbara

June 9, 2012
My dearest Dr. Barbara,

My books arrived on Thursday.  I was completely surprised because I had no expectation or requirement for such generosity!  My first impression was thanksgiving and the question of what I would do with so many books.  
 I settled down and began to read this beautiful book at 8 pm. I put it down at 2am when I could no longer focus for sleepiness.  I was drawn in first by the candor with which you revealed yourself and your personal journey to Kuan Yin.  I always read your books the first time through in greedy anticipation knowing that I will re-read it many, many more times.  This is not easy to do with Kuan Yin.  The work is far deeper and requires full attention to meaning and is not amenable to greedy consumption!  As I read, I could not know who I might give copies to.  It seemed to me that one would have to be ready for Kuan Yin.  
    I began to get too sleepy to move into the technique for using the verses.  So I put the book aside and went to sleep, thinking that maybe I was not ready for Kuan Yin and this would be a process for a later time.  This was strange.  It was as if a part of me was making a decision to not let her in.  However, last week, she had been on my mind so much that I had begun to actively search for a statue to place in my meditation space.  I placed the book beneath others of SOM next to my bed and did not pick it up yesterday.

Rise Above the Clamor

This morning I received your email.  It was such a beautiful message especially the special instructions. Suddenly, I could see a place opening in me for sharing Her with others.  Even as I relate this to you I am having chills of Kundalini over and over throughout my Body, especially My arms, upper body and hands as I type.  When I awakened this morning before reading your message, my mind was cluttered.  I have been praying for better meditations.  As I observed the clutter of thoughts, it came to me "rise above the clamor" and I lifted my gaze to the third eye and had my first instantaneous still moment.  
    Shortly after arising from bed, I read your message.  At that moment, I put off following your directions for myself until later.  I was still focused on the message to rise above the clamor as it had also translated to the clamor and clutter of my surroundings.  I got up to look for something and as I went through a drawer, I found night clothes and gowns that I have had for over 15 years as they were things shared with my husband.  I began to cry, some with memories but with overwhelming thanksgiving for the beauty and abundance in my life.  I was also struck once again with the determination to let go of so many "things".  As I looked around, I reflected on how I had been allowed to accumulate so very many material things as a way of managing the various emotional and spiritual pains in my life.  
    On the day of the Venus Transit, I had taken off work and done the Taraka Yoga exercise of The Keys to Your Heart.  It had revealed that during the past 12 years I had learned to love myself and been given sanctuary in space and time to be well cared for by Spirit so that I could do this with intensity and focus.  My lessons had culminated at the Spiritual Focus session in May, and the work that I have been doing with words spoken into my soul by Dr. Daniel Condron.  His greatest message to me was about worthiness and my capacity to believe and accept my value and greatness as an advanced spiritual being.  He shared this with me in a way that 8 years of loving guidance from my soul allowed me to receive.  Three days ago, I began to meditate only on Thanksgiving.  

A Kinesthetic Tool becomes a Means for Divination

So now to the point.  After weeping this morning and having some new realizations, I sat down a little while ago to do the exercise as you instructed in your email.  The first gift was a new way of thinking about finger dowsing.  I have used this method as a Naturopath for over 12 years.  I learned it as a kinesthetic tool relating to Energy Medicine.  While I have always understood the intuitive and spiritual nature of it, I never thought of it by using the term 'divination'. Your use and explanation of it opened a new level of awareness for me.  As I told you in May, I had begun to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) differently as a result of working with SOM (School of Metaphysics) and using 'muscle testing or finger dowsing' to guide my direction with EFT.  In the past month, I have not used EFT at all.  I have no need it seems.  
    So, I followed your instructions and my number was #76 Passion, the Dragon Door.  I cried as I read every line.  All that I have been praying about was answered in this one verse.  For 8 years, I have consciously cooperated with my Soul, seeking the face of God…even when it was nasty and painful or even stupid.  No sacrifice has been too great.  I have marched to a different drummer and subsequently found myself living in the isolation of my own physical and spiritual sanctuary.  And now I find myself moving through this Dragon Door with an identity so different and so authentic, so much freedom.  The last line is the most profound…"where all appreciates, the question of worthiness is answered."  My resounding thought this morning and since the Venus transit on Tuesday has been, "How much I am loved, cared for and cherished by my Maker!"

So, will I allow Kuan Yin into my life?  

She was introduced to me 30 years ago by the person who introduced me to meditation and was the first to read my aura.  My sense of worthiness at the time was so very low that I was unable to receive the wisdom that this great soul offered to me.  In fact, he did introduce me to some wonderful spiritual work that was so fruitful and apparent that my mother shunned and shamed me into abandoning it, calling it the devil's work.  At the time I met this man, I was taking a class at the Unity School of Christianity in Missouri in preparation for entering ministerial training.  My mother also condemned this idea, shunning me and shaming me away from continuing.  
    I set Kuan Yin aside then as an enigma that was beyond my grasp.  She did not however, set me aside and over the years she has surfaced often as something I will get to one day in my studies!  You, dear Barbara, have indeed been used by Her to bring me back into her Presence.  Thank you my beloved friend for being used so very grandly.  
    With great love for your sweetness and friendship.  What an honor to have found you, my sister, once again in this lifetime.

Gael's reply to Lucy