Meditation on Kuan Yin Verse 1

Come into the present by sitting comfortably with spine straight, eyes softened. Ease into your breaths, counting ‘one’ complete breath, ‘two’ complete breaths, ‘three’ complete breaths. A complete breath is the mindful inhalation and exhalation, a complete cycle.

A breathless state follows. This state of calm arises from the breath exchange experience. This state exists beyond breath. It is called the Bardo.

With each complete breath allow your Self to enter the breathlessness of the Bardo. If only for a few moments, be one with the Real Self.

And smile!

Open to Kuan Yin Verse 1.


Read it silently, hearing your own inner voice.  Allow it to move across the waters in your mind.

Read it aloud, hearing it.

Sit as long as you like. Draw a picture of the verse. Or write about a memory or a dream the verse inspires.

Then post your thoughts below.