Em and Mandi12-27-15
Hello Dr. Barbara,

My student M* is delivering her baby on Jan. 5th (scheduled Caesarian). This feels like such a special time for her & I want to honor, not only my opportunity to teach her while being pregnant but also her ushering in a new child while making so much life transformation.  This soul is sure setting up special conditions!   Do you have any suggestions both as a teacher & a mother as to what I could do to honor this time for her?  I think the moment calls for something more than a gifted onesie, but not sure…?

I’d appreciate your perspective!


Hi Emily,

Yes, you are thinking in the Spirit of Mother Teresa.  [Emily portrays Mother Teresa in a play called THE INVITATION]  Perhaps as she presided over the going, you may preside at the arriving.

There are many ways to observe, honor, and celebrate a birth.  We will talk more of these in the months and years ahead.  After the birth, within the first year, we will have to talk about a Christening ceremony, if the parents so desire.  This is where the upper chakras are opened and I recommend it when both parents are disciplined students.  The soul needs that awake support system with the chakras opened.  If the students are desiring and not practicing parents then the symbology can carry the thought form.

But I am ahead…

For the impending birth, well she has chosen C-section.  Quite different to have a c-section to “save” the life of child/mother and to plan for man to take the child.  There is a bit of neutralization to do there.  FYI, in natural births, the mother’s chemistry initiates labor, the fetuses response to that chemistry determines the time of arrival – an important factor in the soul’s forecasting, as you know.  So the choice of c-section, being the popular U.S. choice these days, puts the mother in an unnatural condition – having an operation in order to given birth.  Which means recovery time, and not the stimulation for her or the child of the birth canal experience.  That experience signals to the mother that her work is complete and she quickly returns – mentally, emotionally, and physically –  to her natural state of being.  Without that physical stimulus and its corresponding effects on the lower dan tien energies and all the other energy flows, the mother’s recovery is left to the working of universal law over time (karma).

Placing the mother and child in a healing field as we have been practicing this year would be the BEST you could do for her.  Since she knows the time, you will too, so organizing a circle of moms could be THE replacement of a “shower” tradition.  The “Shower” you and other moms would provide in the Healing Circle would be absolutely perfect for giving her all the support she needs to make the transition.

Let me know if you have more questions, and what you arrange.  This will be quite informative for the counseling class and provide stimulus for a great discussion on ministry.  Thank you, Em.  You have a keen sense of timing in these matters.
O Dr. Barbara



January 2, 2015

Hi Dr. Barbara,
I talked with M* tonight in class about all you shared with me. She was so appreciative.  We did a Kuan Yin blessing with the intention of guiding her in her birth and in parenting this child.  Our fingers broke at 71: Lead (the dharmic side) & 72: Follow (the karmic side).  Such beautiful wisdom!

She asked for my interpretation & I shared that I see her Dharma report in it.  With the dharma of “inclusion” she shies away from spiritual leadership & chooses the backseat.  I said, I think you’re ready to take your next steps in allowing the dharma to unfold & that this soul is coming at this time to aid you in this!  She was touched by the experience & said it’s way better than a onesie, LOL!

A group of us will be gathering on Monday morning at 7am to “shower” her in healing energy while she gives birth.  Feel free to join us remotely if you’d like!

Thank you so much for your guidance!