Elevate Your Consciousness for the Common Good

LIVING Meditatively


The word reflects an image, created in your mind either in the past or the future. 
The word is a focal point for present time reflection and contemplation.
Each word contains the consciousness of the atom.
Each word is a symbol of the consciousness in a seed thought.


      Invite Kuan Yin’s blessing during the passages in your life.

Celebrating your 16th birthday? Or 25th? 40th? 77th?  Reflect upon the verse that resonates with your age. 
Honoring a marriage?  Ask your guests to draw a Kuan Yin verse and make note of them.  You may be surprised to see how the same numbers often appear.
Commemorating the close of a life?  Invite Kuan Yin to aid a loved one in “crossing over to the other shore.”  

The Change

Within you is an inner dynamo, a true catalyst for change. 
Whether turning walnuts into brain food or distress into comfort,
the BARDO DIET reconnects you to the divine Source from which all Life flows.
Simple practices free your mind from senseless preoccupations that drain your energy reserves. 
When your Body is still, your Mind is free.

Trust the Self.

The Mind

Life is as a dream and you are the dreamer. 
Everything begins and ends with you!

  You carry within you a seed, a Holographic Blueprint for your Optimal Health. 
What happens on your journey is between you and the Creator of the universe.


A Master's Journey

“The Journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.”  –  Lao Tzu


Begins on Chinese New Year ~ 01.25.2020








The Union of Two in One

When Kuan Yin, the feminine space in creation,
& Avalokitesvara, the masculine time in creation,
eclipse as One …

We bridge the worlds
close the gaps
fill in the missing pieces
we make the shifts …

We wake from dream to dream, one day at a time.

Who is Kuan Yin?

There are two ways to know creation.
One is Listening.

Listening receives.
“She who hears the sounds of the world.”
In receiving, the form shifts, and changes
according to the vessel sustaining it.

The feminine principle is love
carrying the process of saving forward,
through receiving that which needs to be understood. 

Kuan Yin trains her ear
for what is worth the keeping.

When these two come together, a third way to know creation is born.
The Healing Presence.


Who is Avalokitesvara?

There are two ways to know creation.
One is Vision.

Vision gives.
“He who gazes down upon the world.”
In giving, the form adapts, and changes
according to the image kindling it.

The masculine principle as compassion, watches,
initiating the process that is saving
what is valuable in the life experiences.


Avalokitesvara keeps his eye
on the events unfolding in the world. 

A Universal Doorway for Spiritual Initiation


Bodhisattva means ‘awakening to light.’ 
It is the consciousness that greets the Dawn.
Think of Bodhisattva as how you awake each morning.

The Lotus Sutra cites
33 Bodhisattva powers
capable of interceding for favorable outcomes
in every conceivable calamity.
A Bodhisattva has the power to embody any form.

Twenty-six of the powers are masculine, seven are feminine. 
The 100 Kuan Yin verses embrace both.
They invite you into the time and space where the Inner Teacher is honored,
and Self can be relieved, refreshed, restored.

My Year of Spiritual Initiation

My time to cultivate spiritual resilience

≈ 100 verses that recalibrate & revitalize
≈ 52 Weeks of Healing & Wholeness
≈ Walk in solitude or with companions


Tell it wisely. Live it well.