Elevating Consciousness through Sacred Sound

LIVING Meditatively


The word reflects an image, created in your mind either in the past or the future. 
The word is a focal point for present time reflection and contemplation.
Each word contains the consciousness of the atom.
Each word is a symbol of the consciousness in a seed thought.


      Invite Kuan Yin’s blessing during the passages in your life.

Celebrating your 16th birthday? Or 25th? 40th? 77th?  Reflect upon the verse that resonates with your age.
Honoring a marriage?  Ask your guests to draw a Kuan Yin verse and make note of them.  You may be surprised to see how the same numbers often appear.
Commemorating the close of a life?  Invite Kuan Yin to aid a loved one in “crossing over to the other shore.”

The Change

Within you is an inner dynamo, a true catalyst for change.
Whether turning walnuts into brain food or distress into comfort,
the BARDO DIET reconnects you to the divine Source from which all Life flows.
Simple practices free your mind from senseless preoccupations that drain your energy reserves.
When your Body is still, your Mind is free.

Trust the Self.

The Mind

Life is as a dream and you are the dreamer.
Everything begins and ends with you!

  You carry within you a seed, a Holographic Blueprint for your Optimal Health.
What happens on your journey is between you and the Creator of the universe.


Kuan Yin's Pearls

“To rest unattached in the supreme state of being,
whilst at the same time participating in the adventure of our evolution
is quite possibly the greatest task that the humans of the future will have to master.”
– 10th Gene Key

A Year for Transcending

Download The Taraka Yoga of Kuan Yin Seed Thoughts,
a Self-guided weekly contemplative experience
of compassion & love



Tell it wisely. Live it well.