The essence of each Kuan Yin Verse is distilled into a single word.

This word contains the consciousness of the atom.
“In the beginning was the word.
The word was in God’s presence, and the word was God.” 

The word reflects an image, created in your mind either in the past or the future. 
The word is a focal point for present time reflection and contemplation. 
The following are the single word thought-form for each Kuan Yin Verse.


The complete volume of verses are found in the book
The Taraka Yoga of Kuan Yin
by Gael O’Guinn.
Each quatrain form has been adapted
from six translators of the original verses in Chinese
and interpreted in the Universal Language of Mind
for today’s global consciousness.

It is available here as an ebook download



or the perfectbound edition can be ordered
from your favorite bookseller or distributor.


From the single word springs 17 syllables,
a haiku form of each Kuan Yin Verse.
An audio version, voiced by Gael, is available here
in the

K U A N   Y I N   H A I K U