Who is Kuan Yin?

 Sanskrit is the oldest language on the planet. The Gayatri is said to be the first twenty syllables spoken by the Creator, the Source of all Being. Words carry the vibration of their maker’s thought. To be in the position to listen is to be given the opportunity to commune with someone in the most intimate of ways.

We affect people with our language. The words we choose to use, and the vibration we intone in the saying, immediately create a field of sound. This is why we prize so highly the individual who can listen. It is why we pray, an expectation that our prayer will be heard and someone will answer, someone will assist us. For millions of people with Chinese ancestry, Guan Shih Yin – Kuan Yin – symbolizes that someone.

Guan Shih Yin is Chinese, meaning, “She who hears the cries of the world”. She is a Goddess, the feminine principle of creation, the one whose purpose is fulfilled through receiving.

The Kuan Yin Verses are answers to your prayers. For over 1000 years, they have served as oracles, providing prophecy for navigating life in times of need.