car on roadWhen I was a child, my parents were fond of Sunday afternoon drives.  Sometimes, I could convince them to take me along.

One of these outings was in the Springtime.  I remember seeing field after field as I looked out the window of the backseat.  Most were brown.  Many were in patterns, like a large hand had swept its fingers in the soil creating terraced waves.  I craned my neck to look high up in the sky.  Surely only the hand of God could touch the earth like this.

Then it happened.

The car stopped and turned sharply left, away from the direction of my vision.  Now through my window, I saw a hill framed by trees, newly greened.  Three white crosses stood on the hill.

My grandmother whispered under her breath, “thank you, Jesus,” and I didn’t understand her connection.  In my mind, they reminded me of when Dorothy met the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz.

For years, this was a strange memory.  Even so, every time we traveled this road, I knew this hill marked the halfway point to home.

As the car continued to move, on the other side of the hill, the land burst into color.  Blades of green grass swayed in the wind.  Purples and pinks and golden yellows nodded their heads as if in conversation.  No browns here, life was bursting from the hidden earth below.

I was captivated.meadow

I asked to stop the car, and not being in any hurry, the adults complied.  I raced into the field, their protests becoming faint behind me.  I jumped into a thick bed of color.

Plucking a handful of flowers, I put them up to my nose, breathing deeply.   I caught a petal in my lips and it tasted slightly salty, more astringent.  I laid back holding a single flower up next to the sun.  The centers were about the same size.   How could that be?  I wondered.   In that instant, it clicked in my thinking, “Ah, that’s why they call it a sunflower; it brings the sun to earth!”

Someone had told me never to look at the sun, but I did look at the sun that day.  For a long time, until I saw nothing, just a black dot in the sky.  Then, I felt everything.  The sun.  The flowers.  The cooling breeze.  The warmth of the earth beneath me.  All of it was me.  I was in them and they were in me.

It was all a blurry, delightful whirl for me as a child.  This consummate joy that transcended time and space.  I awoke in a consciousness that knows its Self as Self.  Everything had changed.

It would take 50 years of  living for me to realize that this moment brought a shaktipat of awareness that had been recorded in the life of an Indian prince who became a pauper centuries before my grandmother’s Jesus was born.  I did not know about either of them at age seven, really.

My sacred fig tree was a field of Missouri wildflowers.  I did not curse its timing as Jesus did.  Nor did I fight all manner of wild imaginings as Gautama.  No.  I was completely present.  In the company of my parents and grandparents, I just embraced everyholding-sand good thing that Sunday afternoon.  I loved it all and I became from the loving.  Those moments of earth and sky becoming one in me, live in my breathing even to today.   My spirit grounded that day, and I understand why Gautama, in his moment of enlightenment, touched the earth.

– from the upcoming American Mysticism: A Christian Woman Meets the Dalai Lama 

‘Way Better than a Onesie’, A Blessing for a Newborn

Em and Mandi12-27-15
Hello Dr. Barbara,

My student M* is delivering her baby on Jan. 5th (scheduled Caesarian). This feels like such a special time for her & I want to honor, not only my opportunity to teach her while being pregnant but also her ushering in a new child while making so much life transformation.  This soul is sure setting up special conditions!   Do you have any suggestions both as a teacher & a mother as to what I could do to honor this time for her?  I think the moment calls for something more than a gifted onesie, but not sure…?

I’d appreciate your perspective!


Hi Emily,

Yes, you are thinking in the Spirit of Mother Teresa.  [Emily portrays Mother Teresa in a play called THE INVITATION]  Perhaps as she presided over the going, you may preside at the arriving.

There are many ways to observe, honor, and celebrate a birth.  We will talk more of these in the months and years ahead.  After the birth, within the first year, we will have to talk about a Christening ceremony, if the parents so desire.  This is where the upper chakras are opened and I recommend it when both parents are disciplined students.  The soul needs that awake support system with the chakras opened.  If the students are desiring and not practicing parents then the symbology can carry the thought form.

But I am ahead…

For the impending birth, well she has chosen C-section.  Quite different to have a c-section to “save” the life of child/mother and to plan for man to take the child.  There is a bit of neutralization to do there.  FYI, in natural births, the mother’s chemistry initiates labor, the fetuses response to that chemistry determines the time of arrival – an important factor in the soul’s forecasting, as you know.  So the choice of c-section, being the popular U.S. choice these days, puts the mother in an unnatural condition – having an operation in order to given birth.  Which means recovery time, and not the stimulation for her or the child of the birth canal experience.  That experience signals to the mother that her work is complete and she quickly returns – mentally, emotionally, and physically –  to her natural state of being.  Without that physical stimulus and its corresponding effects on the lower dan tien energies and all the other energy flows, the mother’s recovery is left to the working of universal law over time (karma).

Placing the mother and child in a healing field as we have been practicing this year would be the BEST you could do for her.  Since she knows the time, you will too, so organizing a circle of moms could be THE replacement of a “shower” tradition.  The “Shower” you and other moms would provide in the Healing Circle would be absolutely perfect for giving her all the support she needs to make the transition.

Let me know if you have more questions, and what you arrange.  This will be quite informative for the counseling class and provide stimulus for a great discussion on ministry.  Thank you, Em.  You have a keen sense of timing in these matters.
O Dr. Barbara



January 2, 2015

Hi Dr. Barbara,
I talked with M* tonight in class about all you shared with me. She was so appreciative.  We did a Kuan Yin blessing with the intention of guiding her in her birth and in parenting this child.  Our fingers broke at 71: Lead (the dharmic side) & 72: Follow (the karmic side).  Such beautiful wisdom!

She asked for my interpretation & I shared that I see her Dharma report in it.  With the dharma of “inclusion” she shies away from spiritual leadership & chooses the backseat.  I said, I think you’re ready to take your next steps in allowing the dharma to unfold & that this soul is coming at this time to aid you in this!  She was touched by the experience & said it’s way better than a onesie, LOL!

A group of us will be gathering on Monday morning at 7am to “shower” her in healing energy while she gives birth.  Feel free to join us remotely if you’d like!

Thank you so much for your guidance!


Kuan Yin for the Music of the Spheres

Last October, beginning in Flagstaff, Arizona, and culminating at the Peace Dome on the campus of the College of Metaphysics, I interpreted the centuries-old 100 Verses of Kuan Yin in the Universal Language of MInd™.  This was the seventh day of the Mayan Universal Underworld, the culmination of a 16+ billion year evolutionary journey for the human species here on Earth. 

The timing of penning these verses was mindfully intentional. 

The cosmos provided the perfect moment to bring this evolutionary leap in exalting the Feminine Principle of Creation into the world.

Over the past six months, I have been writing the story of how THE TARAKA YOGA of KUAN YIN came to be and something surprising has occurred. 

I have awakened to the higher purpose of this writing.  It is a divination book teaching how to receive one’s Inner Teacher and integrate higher consciousness into your daily thinking.  

“The Taraka Yoga of Kuan Yin exists as a way to divine meaning in the Creation you call your life.  The 100 verses reveal the factors of creation alive in your present thinking.  The intuitive steps presented here for the divining of Truth and its relevance, place the powers of the shaman, the alchemist, the guru, and the master in your hands.  All of these must be brought into the light of the loving Truth Kuan Yin has come to symbolize.”

    I followed the protocol in the book to allow the Holy Spirit to choose a verse appropriate to the student body’s experience of the Music of the Spheres.  Every verse held strong.  There was no weakness.  I asked the question several ways – “What verse offers the best guidance during the Music of the Spheres?”  “….for the Venus Transit?” “What is Kuan Yin’s counsel for SOM during MofS?” – with the same results.  This was puzzling to me.  

    So I added to the thought, “All of them” and the confirmation came.  I understood this to mean that the entire body of work is the message for the Venus Transit and our Music of the Spheres.  With that in mind, I share the first two entries with you and dedicate the coming days to completing this work so it is in your hands by the Venus Transit.
    I send my circle of love,
    Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron  

Kuan Yin spiritualizes your thinking, here’s how


Only imaged thoughts reach into the inner levels of an individual’s consciousness, those places of intimacy and true revelation.  The automatic ones that require little or no thought stay on the periphery in the realm of the brain.

Scientists have estimated that the average person thinks 50,000 thoughts in a 24-hour period of time.  By far most of these are linked to the five senses of the physical body.


My stomach feels empty. 

I must be hungry. 

I see an apple. 

I’d rather have the orange. 

Or better yet, something hot. 

I will go to my favorite diner. 

I’d like company. 

Perhaps my neighbor will accompany me.  I can call him.


One thought leads to another as if they have volition all their own.

While awake, one thought seems to lead to another of its own accord.  Yet the willfulness in our living is too often guided by an unconscious recognition of that which powers the will.  On and on the train of thoughts continue until the waking, conscious mind tires from the effort, and the brain and body must rest.

The outer mind has drained the inner mind of its resources, and sleep allows them both the space and time to replenish.  This is one reason we feel the need for rest,– why, if we are to be clear-headed and heart-centered, we must sleep sometime in any day-night period.

This turning of the earth to face the sun followed by the rising of the moon, constitutes one day and one night in a sentient being’s life.  This physical measurement of time catalogues our experiencing.

For some, life is a “things to do today” list that, at the end of the day, stands as testimony to their productivity, accomplishment and success.  Then there are the days that the list is an unfavorable judgement, a condemning record of a series of undisciplined thoughts and actions.

Take a moment to reflect upon your own experiencing.


What has transpired in the past 24 hours of your life? 

Who shared your time? 

Did you conduct the barter of business with them or engage in intimacies? 

Did you meet someone for the first time? 

Where did you eat?  Sleep?  Work?  Study?  Play?  


The answers constitute the experiences you chose, allowed to happen, or at times felt forced to endure.  The measure of success is conveyed largely through your body, the deliverer of your code of conduct in life.


How we spend our time reveals the depth of our thinking.

Once we have a sustainable lifestyle, reasonably free from fear, our measure of life evolves accordingly.  We come to believe that life is more than a series of physical actions to perform.  We begin to measure success through our interactions with others.  The questions we now ask are like these.


Did I offer my best effort today – at home, work, school, play? 

Were my choices based on the welfare of all concerned? 

Was I mindful in my choices, foreseeing the impact my thought and action might have upon the present moment, and in the years to come?

Did I give and receive with the fullest of understanding? 

Did I respond to opportunities to aid someone else, to lighten their burden with a smile and a kind word? 

Did I miss an opportunity that I might amend tomorrow? 

Were my judgments far-reaching?  

Did I leave the world a better place because I lived this day?


These are the questions that arise from vision.  This is the kind of sight the eyes cannot see.

This sight arises from an entrained mind who whole-heartedly embraces a reality where every moment is precious and every happening divinely orchestrated by the thoughts of the creator of that world.

That world is your life, the people, places, and things that comprise your daily experiencing.  That creator, is you.


Beyond Kismet

You create your world with your thoughts.  Every moment you have every available opportunity for peace, contentment, and security.  Such choices, well-directed and well-made produce a confidence in self as creator.  The mind’s creative potential, activated and engaged, is realized.  Now, a deeper yearning surfaces for communion with the Source of all creation.

This yearning is not created in the outer, conscious waking mind.  It surfaces from within the depths of your being.  It radiates from a core essence that gives life, animating every life form around you and within you.

This yearning speaks to you when you are still and quiet.  It beckons you to enter into a universe where time is transcended and the Real Self is known.

The yearning speaks to you each day.  It is the voice of the wind through the trees and the waves caressing the shore.  Its voice is comforting.  This melody of the Spirit, that spark of life from the Creator, manifests through you as the will to live.

Heeding this inner voice, is the beginning of aligning your will with the Divine Will.  This aligning is always a function of Kuan Yin.

The Divine Will, expressing as I AM consciousness, asks questions of you that evolve your wisdom.


What filled you with wonder today? 

Were you tested, and if so, what virtues did you call upon to meet that test? 

When the unexpected arose, what deeper understanding did you cultivate in the garden of your life? 

How did your love shine in your dealings with others? 

Who sought your counsel, and in what light did you offer it?


Responding to these questions, exercises the gifts of the Spirit, long awaiting the light of your attention.  These gifts are treasured in an inner reservoir existing beyond the mundane world of finite knowledge.

Receiving the quantum space of enlightenment, you come face to face with your own wisdom manifesting as your Inner Teacher.

Your Inner Teacher is the sense of Infinite Being.

Your Inner Teacher pervades any space it claims, for however long it will serve the common good.

Resonating with Universal Law, your Inner Teacher lifts your Spirit to harmonize with Divine Will unlocking the Real Self.


– from The Taraka Yoga of Kuan Yin by Gael O’Guinn

The Best Kind of Trouble

We gathered 20 yards west of the Peace Dome to plant the octahedron, an 8-sided form, two 4-sided pyramids sharing the same base, made from copper tubing.  The tubing provides the outline of space, enabling energy to collect.  Once put into place, the form is about four feet tall.  

The octahedron is one of 8 forms on campus that COM Director Daniel Condron has intentionally planted over the past 10 years.  The space each occupies has been chosen using dowsing methods. Today is both grounding and transcendent. 

I stand with the group listening to Daniel speak about the development of the forms on campus.  The night before I stood in this space and spoke to them about Kuan Yin, who she is and what she means. 

I have given it to Spirit to determine how the verses will come forward this weekend.  The part I have seen is the form initiated at the Superconscious Meditation Spiritual Focus weekend two weeks ago. 

At some point, each person will perceive a number between 1 and 100.  The average will be discerned and that will be the verse blessing the Music of the Spheres.  One in the many. 

Standing here, listening to Daniel he describes what is about to occur: setting the form to true north, shoveling the dirt to hold the form in place, then an opportunity to come forward and touch the form.  I hear it.  That touch is the moment when the number will arise in their thinking.  The number that will be the blessing.

At the appropriate time, Daniel asks me to come forward to explain what will happen.  I come to the form and turn toward the crowd gathered on the grassy incline.  The Peace Dome rises beyond them.  It is a perfect picture. 

As students, they have learned and practice an exercise called the Five Step-Five Day Reversal.  It is a mental sequence that clears the conscious mind, allowing the mind to calibrate as a whole unit, and the Real Self can come forward.  It has taken me years of practice to receive the profundity of what I can describe here in a few words. 

Understanding and the acquiring of wisdom amazes me, over and over, again.  What amazes me the most is that it is accessible.  Anyone willing can learn.  Anyone with a mind and the Spirit to apply that mind can.  It is one of the divining principles I have always loved about this structure called the School of Metaphysics. 

The only prerequisite is a willingness to change.

Those assembled will practice the 5-Step 5 Day exercise as they approach the form.  Their minds cleared, at some point in the time they are reaching to touch the form a number between 1 and 100 will come into their mind.  This will happen because they are setting the expectation for it as a seed idea in this moment.  They need not be consciously concerned with it any more.  All we need do now is the work, the experience.  

I explain they will then go to Renee, who is keeping our book of the living in this endeavor, and tell her the number.  These numbers will be added together and the average taken.  That number will be the Kuan Yin Verse that seals this space, this tetrahedron, this moment.  The Verse – because of the ideal and purpose for which we are gathered this weekend – will bless the Music of the Spheres.   It will be our focal point as a whole. It will be made up of all the numbers, all of us, the many in the One.

Sunday morning I announce the average.  I follow Dr. Christine Madar announcing the need for leaders to be at COM by Thursday dinner and others to be in by noon on Friday before Spheres.  Those who have experience immediately understand why.  Those who are new, and many are, begin weighing hometown responsibilities with being away for longer than they had planned.  This imbalance stimulates emotion and thinking, and I see the energy of the chosen Kuan Yin Verse working even now in the thinking.

I decide to share my thought-journey with the crowd.  When Renee told me the average number, we looked it up immediately. 

My first reaction was surprise, then a moment of dismay as I saw the many thought trails leading from the word.  There aren't too many distilled words in the Kuan Yin Verses that carry such a potentially dim picture as "trouble".  It reminds me of the Chinese character for crises:  two pictographs, one meaning challenge, the other opportunity.  When the picture is identified and understood, words can take on new and enlightened meaning.  I share this with the group before announcing the verse.

#36 Trouble. 

The words move across the crowd of 100 people, and within seconds a wave of laughter releases the tension.  Just about everyone is laughing.  Jeff Everett does a great imitation of Robert Preston's "You Got Trouble" from The Music Man.  The Spirit of love is so strong we can laugh in the face of trouble.  Then the crowd calms and I offer deeper insight and interpretation.
This verse speaks to the learning possible in the face of differences.  

Agreements (Line 1) are common ideals.  When ideals are separate or dispersed, tolerance is required of us.   

This is an opportunity for patience (Line 2), to "feel" the position of others (Line 3) so we can receive guidance from the soul's storehouse of understanding.  

Then we grow in wisdom (Line 4).  

This verse addresses our attachment to being comfortable, wanting things to stay the same, fear of the unknown, and the enmity it can spark.  Pain, when acknowledged and not hidden, tells us the optimal place for our attention. 

Responding to the pain brings more than relief, it brings acceptance, opening the doorway to Mind. 

In The Taraka Yoga of Kuan Yin, each verse has a partner, the yang and the yin that make up the whole.  Number 36 is even.  It brings Kuan Yin energy to every experience, the feminine receiving for the purpose of understanding, increasing the soul.  Its odd partner is #35 Love.  Odd numbers disseminate the aggressive energy of Avalokitesvara.  This is the field of experience revealing what has been brought into being through causal thoughts.  tolerance.

    When we perceive the whole picture, these two verses are perfectly suited for the closing days of the Venus Transit pairing from June 2004 to June 2012.  It has been an amazing journey of Light and Love.•

The Holographic Kuan Yin

For fifteen years, groups of people have gathered at appointed times to devote their minds, hearts, and bodies to a spiritual focus during Spiritual Focus Weekends at the College of Metaphysics in the U.S.  Some are acting on behalf of Spirit for the first time in their lives.  Some are renewing commitments, while others ascend to new levels of wakeful service.  
    The first weekend in May, 2012, a group of 16 gathered to make Superconscious Meditation their focus.  Apart from the benefits of studying meditation with Dr. Daniel Condron and mentor Karen Mosby, D.D., the beauty of the timing of this session had everything to do with a transcendent event that occurs annually called the Wesak Festival.  Much like Christians celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus, hundreds of thousands celebrate Buddha’s birth by traveling to the Himalayans in India when the moon is full in the sign of Taurus.  Saturday of this session was this year’s Wesak time.
    There is an energetic linking during Wesak that has been building, and now feeds, the Cosmic Grid around our planet.  No, this grid is not the internet and cell phone electrics, although certainly those are worthy of consideration in our rapid co-creation birth time.  The Cosmic or Christ Grid is the Light and Love students at the School of Metaphysics focus upon during projections, circles of love, and healings.  This grid is sustained by those who are – as Gautama the Buddha taught – awakened!  
…The unspoken theme of this year’s gathering is holographic consciousness.  The book I am completing now THE TARAKA YOGA OF KUAN YIN will serve many in this realization for it teaches how to align with the Inner Teacher, the Holy Spirit, to divine meanings in life.  
    Spiritual Focus Sessions culminate Sunday mornings in the Peace Dome where participants create what is called a “Living Hologram”.  The Living Hologram offers participants progressive opportunities for giving and receiving undivided attention, the mental concern born from compassion and love.  The profundity of these two holograms coming together in this way was obvious to me and I searched for a way Kuan Yin’s presence might become known to all present.  Before we began the 9-step sequence of the forms, I asked each one present to use their minds in the manner they had practiced throughout the weekend.  Then to note the answer to this statement:  “A number between 1 and 100.”  Each one rested on a number, no two alike by the way, and we tallied them, finding the average.  The number  before we began the exercise was 47 (see image).
    THE TARAKA YOGA OF KUAN YIN contains 100 verses, collected in China between the 6th and 12th centuries and now interpreted in the Universal Language of Mind.  Each verse offers guidance for Self as creator.  47 Landing speaks to the beauty of meditation, of surrendering to Divine Will and of rapture.  It ends with a thought we can all take to heart:  “Being, is the teacher; presence, the lesson.”
    The Living Hologram enables consciousness to connect – potentially in all levels of mind.  When it does, the Holy Spirit is present.  This exercise, performed in the room where the Peace Mandala is being created one tile at a time, is transcendent.  People see auras for the first time, miraculous healings occur, suffering is replaced by tolerance, blame by forgiveness, past existences are recognized and future ones set into motion.

    At the end of this sequence, the last direction I gave was to call to mind a number between 1-100.  Amazingly, the number was 49 REAL TIME, just two away from the original number.  Its amazing message is timelessness, and how to resist clinging to the temporal lure of “now”.
    It was the first time Kuan Yin’s Verses were used in this manner.  Insight into learning and practicing meditation seemed to solidify as those present reflected on the light Kuan Yin offered.  The present moment took on new meaning for us all, in her loving thoughts.
    That morning I could envision how THE TARAKA YOGA OF KUAN YIN will provide groups of people – as well as individuals – a means to come together as one mind and heart in the endeavor of their choosing.  I recommend this model as a way of inviting Kuan Yin’s blessing whenever two or more are gathered. •